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The standard iPrivacyTools IP Changer is intended to change your IP address inside the web browser only (Internet Explorer and Firefox). Since web browsing is the primary activity for which most people have privacy concerns, it is our most popular solution. However, for clients who require privacy protection beyond the browser, there is another software that is more appropriate (described below).

hide ip address mac windows Compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X

Which programs can hide my IP address with?

Most major email programs, messengers, games, and browsers are covered. The following is a comprehensive list of compatible programs and software packages:

  • iMacro (Iopus)
  • 4oD
  • Absolute Poker
  • Active Worlds
  • Ad Master
  • Ad Master's Gmail Creator
  • Advanced Email Verifier
  • Amazon Unbox Video Player
  • Answereye Professional Version
  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • AOL Instant Messenger v6.8
  • Arial software
  • Article Demon
  • Atomic Harvester
  • Atomic Harvester 3
  • Atomic Mail Sender
  • Automation Anywhere
  • Avast Antivirus
  • Babylon8
  • Battlefield 2 (beta)
  • BBC iplayer
  • BBC iPlayer Desktop
  • Best Bulk Email Software
  • Best Bulk Mail
  • Bet Angel Pro
  • Bet365 Poker
  • BetFair Poker (new)
  • Birdy Adder
  • Black Hat Auto Responder
  • Bodog Poker
  • Bookmarking Demon 5
  • Bulk Email Direct Sender V2.0.81
  • BulletProof FTP
  • Cabal Online (Europe)
  • Cabal Online (Europe)
  • Cake Poker
  • Call of Duty
  • Call of Duty 4
  • Cam Frog
  • Casino-on-Net
  • CasinoOnNet
  • CDPoker
  • Chameleon Tom
  • Citrix ICA
  • Citrix ICA Dialer
  • Civ 4 Beyond the Sword
  • Civ4Fans2009
  • CL Auto Poster
  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • Craiglister eAssistant
  • Craigs Agent
  • CraigslistMailer.
  • Craygo Autoposter
  • Cute AutoPoster
  • CuteFTP
  • DatabaseEmailer
  • Diablo 2
  • Djuggler
  • DominateGame
  • Dynamic Email Validator
  • e-Campaign
  • e-Campaign 7.5
  • EasyAd Poster
  • EasyAdPoster Deluxe
  • Email Spider
  • Encore Sherlock
  • Entropia Universe
  • Eudora
  • Europoker
  • EverQuest
  • Extreeme FollowUpXpert
  • FacebookSuite
  • Flock
  • FriendBlasterPro v10.6.9
  • Full Tilt Poker
  • G-Lock EasyMail
  • Gaim
  • Game Vance
  • GameSpy Arcade
  • Geeks Toy
  • Goldmine 6.7
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Talk
  • Group Mail Mailer
  • GroupMail 5 Personal Edition
  • GSA Email Verifier
  • Gumtree Poster
  • GYC Automator 3 BETA
  • Halsoft 2 Chat
  • halsoft chat
  • Halsoft VP Chat (Vista)
  • Hansa Poker
  • HeatSeek
  • Heroes of Newerth
  • Hollywood Poker
  • ICQ
  • ICQ Lite
  • iidownloader
  • iilauncher
  • IncrediMail
  • IncrediMail2
  • IncrediMail3
  • Infacta Group Mail 3.4
  • Internet Download Manager
  • iTunes
  • James Bond 007: Nightfire
  • Java
  • JavaW
  • Jedi Knight Jedi Academy
  • Kong / Pan Club
  • Live Mailer Professional
  • LogMeIn
  • Lolifox
  • Mabinogi : Pioneers of Iria
  • Magic Jack
  • Magic Submitter 32
  • Mail List King
  • Mail Washer Pro (beta)
  • MailList Controller
  • MarketFeeder Pro
  • Medal of Honor - Allied Assault
  • Media Go
  • Media Magnet
  • MetaTrader 4 Administrator
  • MetaTrader Manager 4
  • Mozenda Web Agent
  • Mozenda Web Agent (Worker)
  • Mp3 Song Plays Increaser
  • MyIE
  • MSN Messenger
  • Netrek
  • Netscape Navigator
  • Offline Explorer
  • One Bulk e-Mailer
  • Opera
  • Outlook
  • Outlook Express
  • Paddy Power Poker
  • Paltalk Messenger
  • PartyPoker Gaming
  • Perfect Emailer
  • Pine
  • PKR Casino
  • PKR Casino 2
  • Players Only Poker
  • Point Software
  • PokerLoco
  • PokerRoom
  • PokerStars
  • Poxnora
  • Putty
  • RankBuilder Article Submit
  • RankBuilder Link Wheel
  • RankBuilder Profile
  • Rapid Emailer
  • Realtors Contact Manager
  • Roomancer
  • Rose On Line
  • RummyRoyal
  • Saxo Trader 2 - Futures Only
  • Second Life
  • SendBlaster
  • SendBlaster
  • SENuke
  • SEO Elite 4
  • SEO Link Robot
  • Sky Anytime
  • Skype
  • SmartFTP
  • Soccer Mystic
  • Sportsbook.com Poker
  • spotify
  • sriendblaster
  • Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast
  • Steam
  • Super Email Extractor
  • Super Email Sender
  • TeamSpeak
  • Telnet
  • TerraIncognita
  • The Bat!
  • The Bone Collector
  • The Creator from Ad Sleuth
  • Thunderbird
  • Titan Poker
  • Trillian
  • Tube Blaster Pro
  • TubeToolBox
  • Tweet Adder
  • UberBots Account creator
  • UberBots Message Sender
  • Ultimate Bet
  • Unreal Tournament 2004
  • VisualWebRipper
  • Vonage Companion
  • Voodoo Chat
  • Web Data Extractor 7.1
  • WebCompAnalyst
  • webscraper
  • webscraper
  • webscraper
  • William Hill Poker
  • WinAmp
  • Windows Live Mail (7)
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Windows Mail
  • Windows Media Center
  • Windows Media Player
  • Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
  • World of Warcraft
  • x-Feeder
  • X-PRO Vonage
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Yahoo Pager
  • Need others?

* The above list is from providers website. It is your responsibility to confirm that your intended use of a software (with or without hiding your IP) is legal within your jurisdiction, and within the terms of a websites policies. IP hiding utilities are like any other tool - when used properly, they are beneficial. But if misused, you may put yourself at legal risk. For example, using gambling software in a region where gambling is illegal is probably still illegal even if changing your IP to a legal jurisdiction. Given these legal complexities, it is always end user's (your) responsibility to make such determinations.

* Some of the above programs may require premium service. See link at the bottom of this page for more info.

Which locations can I change my IP address to?

The IP address locations change from time to time. Here are some of the locations as of July 2011:

  • United States (1200+ IPs)
  • United Kingdom (200+ IPs)
  • Canada (50+ IPs)
  • Germany (50+ IPs)
  • Australia (20+ IPs)
  • Ireland (5 IPs)
  • Netherlands (10 IPs)
  • Singapore (7 IPs)
  • Italy (12 IPs)
  • Korea, Republic of (6 IPs)
  • Spain (19 IPs)
  • New Zealand (14 IPs)

Frequently asked questions about "Hide my IP" Software

Does this software support changing one's IP address in webmail?

Yes, webmail services such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail are compatible, as are mail clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.

Does it work with (wireless router, cable modem, DSL, dialup)?

Yes, this actual IP change takes place in between your computer and the website/service you are accessing. Therefore, the actual type of Internet connection you have does not make any difference.

My school/work firewall blocks access to a particular website (e.g. Facebook). Will this help?

Yes, this software creates a "tunnel" through firewalls, which renders such blocks ineffective.

How may IP addresses will I have access to?

This number varies, but as of July 2011, the provider was reporting availability of over 450 Standard and 950 Premium IP addresses. And new ones are added often.

What are "Elite Proxies"?

Proxies are web servers that relay your Internet traffic. When doing this, some proxies forward your true IP information with the request. "Elite proxies" do NOT reveal your true IP, and therefore make you anonymous to visited websites. The "Hide my IP" software uses only elite/anonymous proxies.

Does it work with MAC?

Yes, the recent version of Hide my IP works with MAC OS X, as well as Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Is there a trial version?

Yes, you can try the software before buying it. However, note that the trial version does not include full access to all the available IP address, and may not work with all the program's mentioned above. But it will work on the major Internet browsers so that you can get a good idea of its effectiveness.

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Material Connection Disclosure: the IP changing product described on this page is not provided by iPrivacyTools, but by a third party with whom we have an affiliate relationship. We believe the 3rd party offers a quality product, but suggest that you test their free trial before making a purchase.

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