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Professional IP Changer Service

*Perfect for Business Travelers and Expats*

Our standard iPrivacyTools IP Changer offers an extremely convenient method for changing the IP address of Internet Explorer and Firefox (the two most common Internet applications). The majority of our clients opt for that standard option.

However, as an option, we also offer a professional service where our programmer sets up a completely dedicated IP relay in the country of your choice for a one-time fee. After the initial setup, you pay only the monthly web hosting fee.

Why would I pay more for just 1 private IP address?

Here are a few of the major reasons:

  1. Blazing fast speed and unshared bandwidth
  2. Completely dedicated IP address for your use only
  3. True virtual presence in the country of your choice

Who is this IP Changer service appropriate for?

Typical users are:

  • Expats (residents of a foreign country living abroad) who want an IP in their home country
  • Anyone who travels frequently and wishes to keep a static IP address in a single location
  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, and online marketers who specialize in a particular country

Which programs can I change my IP with?

Since this option changes IP address at the system level (your whole computer, as opposed to just your web browser), it works with just about all software packages and programs that you might have installed:

  • All Internet Browsers
  • All Chat and Messaging Programs
  • All Media Viewing Applications
  • All P2P and File Sharing
  • All SSL/https pages
  • All streaming audio/video
  • Etc, etc, etc!

*Currently we only support PC setup (Windows 7/Vista/XP). Mac service coming soon!

How do we get started with setup?

This is not an "instant setup" service. Basically the process will go like this:

  1. You pay our one-time consultation/programming fee (below).
  2. Our programmer will contact you within 24 hours with some setup questions.
  3. You purchase a web hosting plan from a 3rd party provider of your choice. For a U.S. IP address, this will usually run about $10/mo. Please wait until our programmer gives you instructions for choosing a host, as not all plans are compatible. We can also make recommendations.
  4. Our programmer will configure the IP relay on your web server.
  5. You set your password.
  6. You're ready to surf on your new private IP address!

This whole process usually takes 2-3 days. It's not instant, but it's worth the wait!

How much does it cost?

Our one-time programming fee for configuring your server is $60.

After the initial setup, you can plan to spend about $10/mo for hosting in the U.S., or $12-$15 in the UK and Canada.

REFUND POLICY: Our one-time programming fee is fully refundable anytime BEFORE the IP relay configuration.

QUESTIONS? Call us at 415-294-3738 (United States), or email. We're located in California, online 8am to 7pm.

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